Like a smouldering fire, it continues to spread unimpeded and will soon become a force to reckon with in decision-making in the state. Silently, it is widening her reach across the 31 local government areas of Akwa Ibom State, with hundreds of youths in her kitty. The youth group that started gathering at the twilight of last gubernatorial election, will be a game changer in the decision-making machinery of the state.

Frustrated by empty promises of politicians who usually use the phrase, ‘Youths are the leaders of tomorrow’ but turnaround to make no direct Investments on the so called tomorrow’s leaders, the youths themselves have woken up and are seizing the moment now, and not tomorrow, to build a future that truly is theirs.

Mr. Ini Mbang is the leader of this evolving game changer. During the campaigns for reelection of Governor Udom Emmanuel, an idea dropped in his sharp brain. It was to leverage his ability to mobilize youths who would loyally queue behind the governor and ensure his victory at the polls. Within a month, he had lined up hundreds of youths at the Mboho Mkparawa Ibibio hall to endorse the candidacy of Mr. Udom Emmanuel. The feel of success at the occasion taught him to keep the current running and that is exactly what he has achieved so far, post-election wise. His mind said to him, “If the fathers can have the guts to reach out to trenches for the reelection of who they believe was due for the office, why not the youths?” Today, he works directly for the governor as special assistant. His responsibilities cover bringing solace to the abandoned, the forgotten and the neglected members of the society. He combs the trenches to fish out the extremely poor and put smile on their faces.

He has been involved in youth activities for a long time and has distinguished himself as a formidable youth mobilizer. He started as a dancer, entertainer and event organizer in Lagos years ago and was a one time youth leader in the Methodist Church Nigeria, Tinubu Square, Lagos.

 Unlike other youth groups, Akwa Ibom Church- Youth Leaders Alliance is an umbrella body of all church youth leaders, irrespective of denomination and political affiliation or idealogy. Their main goal is to equip youths with innovative skills, knowledge and abilities for success in entrepreneurship so they can become economically self-reliant and not make themselves available for political interest to exploit and dump them as has always been the case.

 This year alone, several trainings on wealth creation and mentoring conferences have been held in Uyo, with Church youth leaders across the state in attendance. Trainers and mentors are drawn across boards, mostly successful entrepreneurs, public office holders and professionals who have distinguished themselves in their chosen fields of endeavours.

The alliance collaborates with public-spirited individuals and youth-friendly leaders to support her quest in the training and equipping of youths with skills and start-up financial and material supports. Currently, he is placing over five million naira bill to support youths in various trades and micro businesses. This gesture has earned Ini Mbang the confidence and affirmation of the youth that truly their General, as he is fondly addressed by his teeming followers, is interested in them building the future that belongs to them.

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