Women Should Unite to Stop Sexual Violence, Says Fola Achudume

Women Should Unite to Stop Sexual Violence, Says Fola Achudume

The time has come for stakeholders especially the women groups to unite towards putting an end to sexual violence in the country.

This is because victims are likely to be traumatised for a lifetime as a result of the injuries sustained when molested.

These were the words of the President ,Royal Ladies International,a Non Governmental Organisation, Reverend Fola Achudume while reacting to the increase in rape cases in recent times.

Expressing worry about the ugly trend, Rev. Mrs Achudume saw the need for parents to properly bring up their Male children by educating them on the dangers associated with molestation of women or the girl child.

According to her, untrained boys often become irresponsible men who end up assaulting innocent girls and women stressing that parents must allow their children to discuss sexuality so that they do not end up in wrong hands.

While charging the authorities to introduce drastic measures to purnish rape offenders, the President of the Royal ladies international posited that the victims should not be isolated or made to bear the psychological and social trauma alone.

Rev. Mrs Achudume also wants the mass media and other stakeholders to embark on anti-sexual assault programmes just as she stressed that nobody deserved to be raped.

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