Why We Must Intercede For US and Donald Trump Now

Why We Must Intercede For US and Donald Trump Now

I woke up early hours of this morning Sunday 07-06-2020 and at a point I started browsing into global events and below are some of my findings:
Iran Spiritual and Political leader rejoicing that finally, Allah the god of Muslims has started judging the US and Donald Trump.

President of Turkey, China and Iran in a meeting rejoicing and mobilizing resources to remove Trump from white house.

Protesters vandalizing Churches and Jewish synagogues but no mosques touched.

All Islamic terrorist organizations rejoicing and encouraging Muslims in America to make sure that protest is heated up and Trump is removed .
Occultists and satanists joining in the Protest against the killing of the Black man. The Democrats Presidential aspirant going to black churches and campaigning for votes.

Who are the ones fueling these protests?  
What is their aim and objectives?
I think the man Donald Trump has stepped on so many toes.
Who are these toes?

1. The Muslims who are bent on turning the entire world into a caliphate. They sponsored Hilary Clinton with billions of dollars but he failed. Now their satanic spell is working.

2. Occult people or satanists all over the world. Before Donald Trump came to power. 60 million blood of babies have been donated to satan only in the US through abortion. The killing or burning of children or infants is the greatest or highest act of Worship of Baal and Ashteroth otherwise called Beelzebul the chief of devils, that is Satan. Luke 11:15. 

3. Bill Gates and the Phamaceaustical industries that create diseases and produce vaccines to make billions of dollars and achieve other hidden agenda.

4. China the communist dragon worshipper who wants to recolonize the world, destroy the church, China is the second largest worshipper of the dragon in the world. Donald Trump has been crumbling their plans since he came to power.

5. All other enemies of the gospels who wanted to take the  Bible away from the white house and the US before Donald Trump came to power.

6. Selfish Politicians and business men who do anything to make money.
I can go on but let me stop the list here.

The political battle in the US is between an agent of the devil and an ambassador of Christ. Between light and darkness.
Between Christ and Belial.
Between Occult men and Children of the Most High God.
But unfortunately, the Children of God have been bewitched just as Bro Paul Lamented in Galatians 3. We are failing to read the handwriting on the wall. Everything about the killing of the black man and the protests the US is witnessing  is as planned from the occult kingdom.
Everything you see happening in the US now is a satanic arrow and spell. We must arise and pray for President Trump if we are still on the side of Jehovah.

Call your friends in the US or forward this message to them. What is going on is an occultic arrow. 

Please beloved in Christ let us intercede for the US and Donald Trump.
Ask yourself one question;
Who are the people that will truly rejoice if Donald Trump loose the election at the long run? 
Let us watch and Pray. Ephesians 6:10-18
US has great influence and impact on Christianity all over  the world. Most European nations are on a fast lane to Islam but the headache of the Muslims is the US and this President Donald Trump. Another tenure in office will cost them 50 to 70 years set back so they are out.

“We must not be ignorant of the devices of the devil lest Satan have an advantage of us” 2Cor 2:11. 
Shalom maranatha!

Moses Godspecial.

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