-Youth body, INOCS, cries out, seeks youth cooperation to take power in 2023

The international president of International Network of Christian Students (INOCS) Ambassador Chris Akpan has lamented over the heavy burden of hardships and crushing poverty the youths were subjected to as a consequence of widening gap of unemployment in the country.

 Speaking at international press conference held at Uyo recently, INOCS leader knocked the political leaders whose penchant for enriching themselves through public office has plunged the nation into several crises, particularly unemployment which has made many youths take to unethical means of making money just to survive, because they youths could no longer bear with the excruciating pangs of crushing poverty and unemployment.

“Honestly, we can no longer bear the hardship occasioned by unemployment created by our Political leaders and elders'” he lamented.

He called on youths all over the country to unite in order to position themselves to take over the reins of political leadership of the country in the forthcoming elections.

“The time has come for us the Nigerian youth and now is the time not tomorrow to rise up and come together in unity and decide not to eat the crumps from their stooges (sic) anymore and take our destinies in our own hands.”

Akpan implored political leaders to give youths a chance in the coming elections so they can birth the change that Nigeria truly deserves, adding that, it was the political elders that failed the nation and not the youth.

His words: “Youth are not failing the system; the system is failing the youth. Youth are capable of identifying what is wrong in our nation and leads the change we need.”

He remarked that despite the spate of corruption in the country, there was still a crop of youths that can lead the nation out of the current political quagmire. He charged the youth to “put away the robe of complacency, rise to the challenges of Nigeria and take an informed and courageous stand for your rights and for what we believe which is emergence of a new united prosperous Nigeria of our dreams.”

On why the youth must shake off the garb of complacency, he said was because creating a Nigerian that all dreamed of, does not, “come on a platter of gold. It has to be created and people have to fight for it. If we, the Nigerian youth do not fight for it, who is going to do it? To shy away from this fact, is nothing but a cowardly abdication of our God-ordained duties and responsibilities. We must be actively involved in the formulation of certain policies to ensure that they are not hostile or harmful to youth and we cannot be involved in policy-making and decision-taking if we are not involved in the process of setting up the Government.”

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