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When Israel desired a king, the Almighty God preferred and announced Saul as His choice for the throne. Saul was not a politician but an entrepreneur who was assisting his father Kish in his animal husbandry business. But God preferred him above all to be the king, all the same.

Saul was well-endowed with leadership qualities; some of which were humility, diligence and fear of God. He was so humble that he went with his servant seeking his father’s missing ass. His deep sense of hunger for led him to Samuel the prophet for guidance. God saw this grace in Saul and decided he was the best to lead his people as their king.

Despite divine involvement in the emergence of Saul, there was an uproar. The cult and violent-tainted men were up in arms against God’s choice, these men were described as the “children of Belial:” they didn’t see why Saul should be chosen to govern them since he wasn’t part of them. And they despised him.

Says 1Samuel 10:27 “But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save us? And they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he held his peace.”

No matter how hard the children of Belial tried in stirring up noisy uproar and rambling, they didn’t change God’s mind about Saul becoming the king.

What was the winning strategy? God visited the hearts of brave men and women and moved them to stand strong with Saul for his enthronement.

Says 1Samuel 10:26: “Even Saul went to his home in Gibeah. With him went some brave men whose hearts God had touched.”

These same brave men and women are with Pastor Umo Eno. They are brave and courageous, not by swords or guns but by the help of the Almighty God. They are brave and courageous because God had touched their hearts and turned their minds to support and work for Pastor Umo Eno’s victory.

So, electoral victory in the next gubernatorial election in Akwa Ibom State isn’t about noise making and bragging but by God’s help. God has been to Pastor Umo Eno – the Ebenezer – the stone of help. He is working in the hearts of men and women, He’s turning thousands of hearts of brave men and women to massively vote Pastor Umo Eno to victory.
This is the winning strategy. It is not noise making and brinkmanship but the help of God – Ebenezer.

Hate him, mock him, insult him, jeer at him; it doesn’t make any difference because God is with him and He has prepared a groundswell of support base for him now and on the election day.

Opponents are already frightened into a frenzy by the kind of supports the PDP candidate is receiving daily. The kind of strong men and women moving into his campaign train by the day has given opponents sleepless nights.

For instance, supports from credible church leaders is amazing. For the first time in election campaign history, the Church is represented at the Campaign Council of PDP through the Ecumenical Committee. Pastors and their teeming members are volunteering their time and resources for Pastor Umo Eno, they attend his campaign rallies in their respective LGAs.

These are not noise makers but respected clergymen and women who don’t attend Pastor Umo Eno and Senator Akon Eyakenyi/PDP campaign rallies because of inducement with money or rice and wrappers but because God has stirred up their hearts to work for the enthronement of Pastor Umo Eno. Such trend is rare and it speaks volume of God’s favour upon His choice set man for the throne, Pastor Umo Eno. What a year of glad tidings!

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