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The best times for us believers to show true difference is at difficult times as we now face. Just as light shines brighter in the dark, So is our best getting better at bad times. Therefore, these difficult times shouldn’t load us with baggage of excuses to fail, because we have been foretold of times like this and we’re expected to face them without sinking. And by the right hand of God almighty that deals valiantly, you will not sink in the mire of these difficult times.

How then do we thrive at these trying times?

Define your priorities

At times of crisis, very few things are of paramount importance. You have to prioritize based on important needs. Of course, food, medicals, shelter and security are our basic needs these times. Clothes, travels, parties are at the very bottom in your list of needs. So, do a list of things you need to get or own, strike out those that can wait. Priotizing your needs will help you manage your finances, and not run under unnecessary pressure of debts. Pressure, if not well managed at crisis period like this, can cause serious damage to health and happiness.

Make wise investments

The best form of investment is the type that has a ready market. Even at war times, people will eat. Food is number one key investment area to consider. It’s not a wise investment to go into clothing business now because the market has thinned out due to the pandemic which has affected social life drastically. If you are in non-food business now, you should think of divestment as a survival strategy. You can  in foods. Digital marketing is attractive now, as most businesses compete for space in the internet now.

Cut down your expenses

Even government, the largest reservoir of capital, has cut down budget. Some states have scaled down salaries. You cannot continue to spend as if things are normal. It is wise to cut down your expenses. If you were eating outdoors, it’s time to cut it off. The little you earn now should be well-utilized at home than patronizing outdoor food vendors.

Cut down on social spending and purchase of non essential products.

Work smarter than before

If you’re in business, you have to work smarter than before. For instance, if you were not doing home delivery, you have to restrategize to accommodate home delivery of goods and services.

Reaching to more prospective customers requires you get in touch with more people than before in order to reach new customers. This is when your telephone budget is stressed. Complement telephone business transaction with digital marketing, one-on-one marketing and proactive salesmanship. You have to sell more to survive the times. While many are shutting down, smarter ones are thriving. Explore ways you can survive these difficult times in your business.

Be innovative

You cannot do business the way you did before the pandemic. You have to improve deliverables: product quality, packaging, delivery time, pricing and marketing communication. If you are out of job, create job for yourself. Think solution, think creatively. When you look around your environs you will see a problem that urgently requires solution. It is the solution you invented that will put money in your pocket. Money is made by solving problems. Stop having a mentality of a job seeker, start creating jobs for yourself. Think of solving the food problems around you. Think of health challenges and how you can improve the health of those around you. We are crying coronavirus and malaria is hitting hard on people. Patent medicine dealers should make money now than before.

Stay current

Information is power. Fears and anxiety are minimized when you have access to better information. A piece of information can make you richer. Therefore, while this pandemic lasts, get yourself closer to sources of reliable information.

 If government has put up any relief package and you don’t have information in time, you may miss badly. Information will help you stay ahead of others. Sources of information are: opinion leaders, group heads, government and the media. Don’t rely on rumours, get authentic information through cheap media like radio and newspapers.

Think agriculture

With the global plunge in crude oil prices, agriculture has become the next viable alternative governments are turning to. Farming, whether subsistence or commercial, is very lucrative. There’s no farm product that does not have a ready market. As a starter, you can choose short term crops like maize which is harvested in three months, cassava harvested in six months, vegetables also are all short term farm products with high income potential. Government of Akwa Ibom State has urged farmers to participate in data capturing for support in terms of farm inputs and soft loans. Land for farming could be rented as outright purchase might be expensive. Think agriculture!

Look up to God

Difficult times come with diverse forms of temptations. Many are exposed to the traps of temptations to pressure them to give up their faith in God. However, the trial times shouldn’t take you out of faith but make you look up to God for lifting out of struggles with temptations. Remember those who were tempted in the wilderness; those who looked up at the moulded serpent Moses lifted were instantly delivered. But many were so distraught and faithless that they focused on their problems more than the word Moses the man of God gave them and they died. Look up to God, strengthen your faith with God’s words and pray without ceasing. The opposite is dependence on people, it will fail you at these times. Depend only on God.

Lastly, may the Lord give you creative ideas on how to thrive at these difficult times.

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