In the 90s, Ibrahim Babangida, the military president, had admitted that the sliding Nigerian economy had defied all economic methods deployed to fix it.  Till today, Nigeria’s multifaceted problems have continued to defy any known government solutions. President Muhammadu Buhari who boasted of fixing Nigeria’s problems in few months of his government, now has less than two years to go down into history as the worst leader Nigeria ever had. His government has no landmark achievement to show, except the rise in Boko Haram insurgency, the emergence of bandits, killer herdsmen, and nepotism in government appointment, kidnappers and surge in fundamentalist groups that are putting the country on the path of destruction. Akwa Ibom State which until now wore the toga of most peaceful place in Nigeria, has now been listed by the USA’s ‘most dangerous states to visit in Nigeria’s watch list,’ forcing the State Governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel to make several appeals that the State be de-listed. 

In all that is happening, alongside the economic difficulties facing families, the question begging for answer is: Will our challenges ever get solved?

One man has received an answer to these problems. Interestingly, he is in the marketplace as a Judge of Akwa Ibom State High Court. While the courts remain locked as the judiciary staff continue their struggles to extricate self from control by the executive, Justice Charles Ikpe was on his knees, seeking God’s favourable countenance over the nation’s woes.  Particularly, he sought answers to war drums that are sounding frighteningly louder each new day, the hardships citizens go through, the mutual suspicions, among others, the good LORD had regards to his humble supplications for this nation and our state and revealed to him a five letter word -J-E-S-U-S-  as the only answer. Let me share his revelation with you, so you can play a part for peace and prosperity to return to our state and nation. In that encounter, he found that the name JESUS was boldly displayed everywhere, in government and private offices, streets, homes, public places, etc.

 It was an unusual campaign; all available spaces were filled with the red letter – JESUS. Truly, this is the message our political leaders need to subscribe to. An old classic says, “Jesus is the answer for the world today, above him there’s no other, Jesus is the way.” This prophetic song is playing up its essence in our time and we must be sensitive not to let this opportunity slip by because failure to paint everywhere red boldly with the name JESUS, is failure to intercede and rally men and women of deep spiritual concern to save this country from destruction. Let’s join Justice Charles Ikpe in our own little way and paint JESUS red in every cranny of our society. Needless to remind you that when Paul was in the midst of a dangerous journey to keep a date with destiny in Rome, he was thrown into storms that defied human’s abilities. Only the name of Jesus turned the situation around for Paul’s safety.

I have every reason to believe the bold declaration of Justice Charles Ikpe, president of First Love Foundation, Uyo that the answer is in spreading abroad the name – Jesus.

I recalled that the campaign to make Akwa Ibom State great was started by him, although it has remained largely unsung. But through the platform of his annual transformation conference, Justice Charles Ikpe was bold enough to bring Bishop David Oyedepo to Akwa Ibom State. Oyedepo who confessed that he didn’t want to come since Akwa Ibom State was not in his map at the period, said he was compelled by God to visit and preach in Akwa Ibom State for the first time. On arrival, Justice Ikpe took him to the Government House and was received by the former Deputy Governor, Engr. Patrick Ekpotu, as the governor then, Godswill Akpabio had travelled out of the country. The main goal of Justice Charles Ikpe taking Oyedepo to Government House was for the clergy, known for his vision of liberating nations through the gospel of Jesus Christ, was so he could liberate Akwa Ibom State of the economic woes.

The Bishop then prayed and said, he was seeing darkness all over the State, but that had scattered as he was praying. Shortly after that prophetic encounters money started pouring into the Akwa Ibom State coffers, as offshore onshore dichotomy brouhaha ended in the favour of Akwa Ibom State. Money and more money were pouring in, infrastructures in roads and other institutions we enjoy today, can be undeniably traced to that one visit orchestrated by Justice Charles Ikpe. He is at it again! This time it’s the Jesus campaign – meaning you and I have to prioritise preaching Jesus everywhere through massive invasion of our environment with the message – JESUS. Now, if we do this and win the touts at motor parks, the street urchins and others often used by unscrupulous elements for violent crimes, it is certain, peace and prosperity will return to our land. Let God find you useful in this dispensation; sign on for the JESUS campaign!

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