Ima Nkanta

At the start of a race, eagles and chicks look alike. Place them in the yarn, you hardly can spot the difference. Both are gifted with fine feathers.

Time soon makes all the difference. While the eagle grows larger with stronger and more distinguishable wings, the chicks gather at the carcasses; gaggle and gaggle.

Soon, it’s time for flight and the eagle takes a steady noiseless high altitude. But the chicks who had thought they were more gifted because of their noisemaking ability, cry foul play even when no hawk hovers over them.

As it is in their nature to cry wolf when no bear robs them, it’s the eagle’s nature to soar away in blessed quietness to his high mountain.

Isn’t this where we find ourselves? The chicks are shouting from the southern hemisphere to the north, when nothing but the shadow of a soar away eagle that frightens them.

The race is on, discern carefully, esle you be beclouded with propagandists’ noise wand. Discerning delegates should distinguish between noise brags and substance.

Akwa Ibom State needs a man of real substance. One who has been able to build lasting legacies through the crucible of private venturesomeness to lift thousands off the cliffhanger of unemployment.

Pastor Umo Eno is noiselessly soaring, growing bigger and seeing farther. Follow a visionary leader. Soar with the eagle!

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