That the Udom Emmanuel administration has worked assiduously to reclaim Akwa Ibom State from the hands of cultists, rescuing its soul from the shackles of state sponsored assassinations experienced hitherto, it would be the greatest mistake in the history of the 34 year old state to hand it over to a Cultist Governor.

It could have been far better if we didn’t have Udom Emmanuel and enjoy peace and tranquility, than to taste it and then return to the dark days of uncertainties, fears and agonizing pains across the state as the consequences murder of vocal citizens and perceived enemies by agents of those in power.

The danger of letting a Cultist mount the saddle of this beloved State as a Governor in 2023 is not only scary but retrogressive. According to leader of Zero Cult movement, Idy Uworufen, a Cultist Governor will patronize his cult groups, especially in using the cultists to do his ‘dirty jobs’ of attacking the critics and perceived opponents of the Governor in power. Also, inter-cult clashes will become rampant, as each group will be at each other’s throat for superiority.

Cultism is synonymous with violence, mindless killing, kidnaping, drug abuse, rape, arson and thuggery. Cultists neither fear God nor regard the sanctity of human life. They are known to engage in endless war of superiority against rival cult groups, and thus putting the lives of the generality of the citizens in peril. Cultists show no compassion, they are extremely brutal and owe allegiance to strangle deities.

But Governor Udom Emmanuel, aside bequeathing to the State the legacies of building industries, massive agricultural investments to jump-start large scale agribusiness for food sufficiency and employment, particularly in the rural areas, setting the pace in aviation industry in Nigeria, undertaking strategic human capital development to meet the emerging hitech-driven economy of the world…, the most important legacy will be peace. And the citizens cannot afford to toy with the danger of handing over this dear State to cultist in power. Make no mistake about it; peace cannot be taken for granted, it is the most expensive commodity money cannot buy, because peace is a person.

Buhari came in with assurances of peace but Nigeria has become the world most notorious killing field. Reports of daily mindless destruction of human lives by Fulani herdsmen, Islamic fundamentalists – Boko Haram/ISWAP and bandits are frightening. Why has Buhari not able to give the peace he promised? Peace is the person of Jesus Christ – the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).

As Deacon Udom Emmanuel begins to navigate the ship of his administration towards 2023, he must do all in his capacity as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State and leader of his party, to bequeath the State with the legacy of peace. This is why every peace-loving citizen should support the call of the Akwa Ibom Spiritual Fathers of Faith led by Dr. Sunday Mbang, CON, not to support any candidate with past or present cult link.

The forum has advanced this call by embarking on media campaign to create awareness in Churches on the dangers of cultism. Their noble initiative has drawn the irk of many who criticize their stand as political. But the Fathers should not be deterred because the victory in battle for sustained peace in the State rests on their praying knees. As they pray, they must continue to speak out to awaken believers consciousness, so that the enemies will not take advantage of their silence.

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