The legal adviser to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Akwa Ibom State chapter, Barr. Victor Akpan has berated the critics of Akwa Ibom State governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for the gruesome murder of late Miss Iniubong Umoren. 

The lawyer, who is also the District Overseer of Foursquare Gospel Chrch, Uyo, spoke, while playing host to Quest News editor in his office in Uyo.

He observed that it was wrong for social media users to turn the blame on the administration of Udom Emmanuel for not providing employment for youths.

According to him, the media have generally portrayed the unfortunate death as a fulcrum of lack of employment opportunities in the state which necessitated the young lady to fall into the hand of alleged ritualist who raped and murdered her after pretending that he was offering her a job.

While sympathizing with the bereaved family for the pain and psychological trauma the parents and siblings went through, Barr. Akpan said that the young lady, who was expecting a call up for national youth service programme was not seeking for job in government establishments because she didn’t meet requirement for such until after her youth service. He said that passing the blame on the governor was uncalled for. He advised social media users to let the soul of the departed rest, instead of misinforming the public.

His words: “It is unfortunate that the sister fell into the hand of a murderer. But it must be made clear that she was awaiting a youth service call up. The law of this land makes it mandatory for her to complete her youth service before she can legitimately and legally qualify to be employed as a graduate in the civil service.

People are now saying that if government had created employment, she wouldn’t have gone in search of a job in Uruan. No, she knew that she wouldn’t even bother to apply because under thirty years, she should serve the nation. But going to look for what to do while waiting for her youth service was a commendable act, she didn’t want to be idle or take to vices, but for someone to cut short her life is very reprehensible and condemnable, bad and brutish. The alleged culprit is heartless,” he said. He stressed that it was wrong for people to blame the governor for the circumstance of her unfortunate and painful murder.

He regretted that the incident happened in an Akwa Ibom state.  “That kind of act should not happen here. If we’re truly a Christian state. Anyone that knows God knows that all life is sacred and no one has a right to take anyone’s life for any reason unless by law.

Many people are saying how can a Christian behave like that in a Christian state? But was he really a Christian? Which church did he go? Who is his pastor?”

Defining who a Christian is, he said: “A Christian is someone whose life has been crucified with Christ, and this is why the Scripture says that once someone is in Christ Jesus, he or she becomes a new specie, old things like reprehensible lifestyles will pass away, so that the person will experience change,” he stressed.

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