Wow! It was all glitz: clinking of glasses and munching of savouring dishes June 12 – exactly one year when the now popular Signature by Royalty, Ewet Housing Estate, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, was inaugurated to provide choice hospitality service to a high bracket segment of clientale.

And truly, it has made real good business sense one year now, serving a discerning audience with specialties in professional hospitality service.
It was therefore a deserving one year anniversary when the management and staff of the organization, Royalty Group, gathered to cut the brand’s anniversary cake, amidst tales of success stories.

Signature By Royalty

The group’s CEO, Ebong Eno, who succeeded his father, Pastor Umo Eno last October when the later was appointed the Executive Director, Agricultural Investments, AKICORP, Uyo, led the management team to the occasion. He thanked the staff of the organization for working hard to maintain the quality of the group’s products and services, despite the current coronavirus pandemic which has drastically affected hospitality and tourism sector. He advised the staff to realign competence to engage more in marketing than ever before, in order to survive the rough business terrain. His father, Pastor Umo Eno was vivacious and elated, pouring gratitude to God for sustaining the brand for over 23 years. He appreciated the staff, particularly those who have served with the group since inception in 1987 and charged the new management to ensure the legacy of professional service, integrity and diligence which the brand has come to be known of, was perpetuated and also passed onto the next generation. He added: “People say that businesses in Akwa Ibom State don’t last but this organization has disproved all that. We’re going into the 24th year now and I trust God that the next generation will meet this organization doing well.”

Royalty Hotels, he observed, brought into bare in Eket and its environs professional hospitality service; the trademark of which the group still adorns today. Royalty Group boasts of great brands in beverages, hotels, tourism, industrial catering, apartments and foods. Akwafresh potable drinking water and big daddy loaf are some of the group’s fast moving products that have repositioned the hospitality giant as a market leader in the southern part of the country.

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