Showers of blessings at Umo Eno’s thanksgiving service

Showers of blessings at Umo Eno’s thanksgiving service

Heavens were moved in ecstatic praise as they joined the earth to demonstrate profound gratitude to God for the successful inauguration and steady takeoff of Pastor Umo Eno and Senator Dr. Akon Eyakenyi administration.

At the dawn of this eventful Sunday, June 11, 2023, when the Akwa Ibom State Government rolled out drums to celebrate God for the numerous benevolence bestowed on the Governor, Pastor Umo Eno and his family, especially his victories at the polls and victories at the courts, the sky had looked very bright and celebratory. Churches held their usual Sunday services but this particular Sunday, servicers in many denominations, as observed, were brief. Some congregations rounded off services between 10 and 11 am, in order to allow their members take a seat at the Ibom Hall arena of the occasion. And at noon the thanksgiving service had kicked off with exuberant praises led by Minister Joseph Festus Ekerenam of the All Nations Christian Ministry Int’l praise team.

An unusually surging multitude continued to pour into the arena. And by 1pm it was difficult to secure a seat in the expansive arena that hosts popular State events, including the record-breaking annual Christmas Carol Service. Guests from within and without were in attendance at the arena; all classes of people teamed up with the governor for the thanksgiving service. People were just ebullient, displaying colourful attires that befitted such a thanksgiving service ambience.

As the occasion was progressing, with the Governor, Pastor Umo Eno and spouse, Pastor Mrs. Patience Umo Eno, the Deputy Governor, Senator Dr. Akon Eyakenyi and spouse, Elder Eyakenyi seated surrounded by top government functionaries and hundreds of Clergymen and women, the heavens opened up to add verve to the celebration, thunderous drops of heavy rainfall poured into the arena. But the surprising thing was that hundreds who were elated and drawn closer to the podium space continued to dance and celebrate to the tunes of local praise songs rendered by the Governor, Pastor Umo Eno. The audience was undeterred as many defied the downpour to join others in the rain. What a unique way to express gratitude to God for the new administration of God’s servant, Pastor Umo Eno. The thanksgiving service which anchored on Psalm 107, tagged; “O Give Thanks Unto the LORD,” had the Bible lesson taken by the Governor. 

Archbishop Idem Ikon, founder of the Revival Valley Ministry International, gave the thanksgiving homily. He wore a debonair look of a well honed teacher and was unusually hooded in priestly attire. His words were so refreshing and reassuring, especially as he described the rainfall as a welcoming sign of fruitfulness the Pastor Umo Eno administration is ushering into Akwa Ibom State.

Idem Ikon who himself was one of the Church leaders who led pastors across the state to avail voters with the vision of Pastor Umo Eno, educating them on the need to vote the man of God as governor , recollected how the opposition pummeled the church for stepping into the political turf, and thanked God for backing the Church by giving victory to Pastor Umo Eno. “They said we were hopeless and helpless, but God has shown them now that he is helpful.”The archbishop eulogized the immediate past governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel for his numerous achievements as assured that the Pastor Umo Eno administration will exceed the performance of past administrations.“Nigerians are saying, ‘Go to Akwa Ibom and see development’. But we are saying, ‘You’ve not seen anything yet! This is God’s own State. We are just at the periphery and the foundation level now…Soon the world will know that Akwa Ibom is fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Prophetically, he added: “We will export good governance, we will export peace and we will export industrial goods to the rest of the country and beyond. Why do I say so? Because I have eyes and I can see that with a man like Pastor Eno as Governor, God has come down to Akwa Ibom in his full majesty. That’s why we are thanking God and that’s why we are rejoicing today,” the soft spoken cleric said.

The governor was so excited over the thanksgiving service which was his vow to God in acknowledgment of divine help in his victories over 18 court cases, overwhelming supports he enjoyed during  the campaigns that witnessed most perfidious and cruel attacks by the opponents, punctuated his gratitude with psalms and expressive songs of praise.

The governor said: “When we were unveiled, we saw trouble. People rose up. For someone who had never had a court case in my life, I was suddenly confronted with multiple court cases. By the last count we have appeared in 18 court cases. But God delivered us and God will continue to deliver us. We thank God who saw us throughout the campaigns peacefully. We thank God for people he raised to work for us and we thank God as well for those who worked against us because without them, we would not have taken our mission seriously.”

In his magnanimity, he extended warmth and friendship to the opponents, urging them to sheathe their swords as politics was over and all must team up to promote development and peaceful coexistence with all, in which Akwa Ibom State is known of.

The thanksgiving service featured two performing gospel artistes, the globe-trotting Barasuene exponent and multiple award holder, Pastor Aity Dennis and Pastor Bobby Friga.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom chapter and the Fathers In Faith for Good Governance, coordinated with the office of the Secretary to the State Government for the thanksgiving service. Prelate Prof. Isaiah Issong, President General of Fathers In Faith for Good Governance described the thanksgiving service as awesome. He praised the Governor for rededicating the state to God, and especially for his determination to run a God-centric administration which, according to him, is the essence of good governance. Bishop Chris Nyong, CAN chairman, Akwa Ibom State described the occasion as a formal launch of the state into the Golden Era.

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