-Do not blame the devil anymore, see who to blame

Ima Nkanta

You better stop blaming witches and wizards if you suffer rejection especially from people you expected much acceptance from. Praying against rejection has been one of the popular prayer points in many praying gatherings.

In such places, you hear prayer warriors hauling weapons on witches and wizards as causal agents of rejection, which ultimately lead to depression and untimely death, in critical cases where depression stokes up high blood pressure and cardiac attacks.

Such sad happenings have often been blamed on the faceless enemy – the devil, who is thought to deploy witches and their male counterparts to cast spells of rejection by pouring evil offensive odour on people, making them repulsive to those who were supposed to accept and favour them. Women, particularly are thought to suffer rejection more, especially when it comes to a marriage relationship. A man has proposed marriage and the relationship begins to build up close to the point of actual tying of knot but suddenly the man turns off; ending the relationship with some flimsy excuses. Men are considered to suffer the same fate when it comes to financial breakthrough or favour in employment whenever opportunity opens up.

But from the word of God, it is revealed that the basic cause of rejection is not the devil but lack of knowledge of God and his ways. According to Hosea 4:6, the lack of knowledge is the basic ground believers are destroyed. This scripture says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children, ” Hosea 4:6.


If you look closely at the message of this scripture, you will discover why many are rejected. The clue to getting this truth is: ask yourself, what kind of destruction awaits those who lack knowledge? The answer is embedded in the same scripture.

There are three types of destruction a believer who lacks basic knowledge of God’s ways and divine operations will suffer. The first type of destruction as listed in the above scripture is rejection. Why do people lack knowledge? Because they rejected or scoffed at the knowledge of God through his words as contained in the holy scriptures; consequently, God has also rejected them.

Now, if God has rejected anyone, who else will favour the person? Certainly, none! But sadly, many in the church suffer foolhardiness, seeking deliverance to no avail. Knowledge of God’s words is the only antidote to rejection because through knowledge, shall the just be delivered (Proverbs 11:9).

Rejection is a curse incurred by ignorance of God’s light of knowledge and wisdom in the ways of God. When God placed a curse on Cain for killing his brother against God’s counsel, a blemish was put on his forehead that made people run away from him. Anyone God has rejected invariably carries a blemish on him or her. This blemish will stoke repulsion than acceptance of the victim by people who ought to help him.

This is what the lack of knowledge of God weighs in on people. So, it’s not the devil to blame, but individual Christian who has refused to gain knowledge and insight into God’s infinite word.

God has copiously enjoined believers to study to make themselves approved unto God as workmen who should not be ashamed but rightly or readily divide or extrapolate on God’s word.

The second and third level of destruction is as a consequence of ignorance of God’s words, the inability for one to accomplish divine purpose is forgotten. Hosea said anyone who lacks knowledge will not be priest unto God and that such persons who have forgotten God’s words would equally be forgotten.

This principle syncs with the law of proportionate returns – the measure you measure will be equally measured back to you. So, shallow or no knowledge of God is actually the bane of progress of thousands of believers across the globe. The devil seems to enjoy this and would do everything possible to discourage believers from studying the word of God.

Christians should stop spending their study time on prayers that are off-the-point. They should rather study first before they pray because you have to pray the knowledge and will of God for prayers to be effective.

Christians should desist from patronage of prayer huts, but spend more time in their corners studying to gain insight into God’s will for their lives before praying.

Before you blame the devil next time for your troubles, check first if he’s the real cause behind the issues of your life, or are they as a result of your failure to do the right thing – gain good knowledge of God’s word?

IMA NKANTA is a marketplace minister and editor @

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