Philanthropist Applauds Umo Eno For Excellence In Governance, Advocates for Industrialization

Philanthropist Applauds Umo Eno For Excellence In Governance, Advocates for Industrialization

Barely two months after the inauguration of his administration, are stakeholders of the State confident Pastor Umo Eno will turn out to be the best Governor Akwa Ibom State has ever produced. Several opinions of stakeholders sampled during the just concluded Ibom Dialogue attested to the genuine intention, capacity and openness of Pastor Umo Eno to follow through the varying recommendations of the experts during and after the dialogue.

 A philanthropist, Prince Mendy Archibong, while urging Akwa Ibomites to show gratitude to the immediate past Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, for his choice of Pastor Umo Eno as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, applauded Governor Umo Eno for bringing excellence into governance, especially in courting relationship across all divides.

“I want to say that Pastor Umo Eno in two months has now showcased excellence in public administration, ”Archibong said.

According to the philanthropist, who is also the Chairman of Prince Archibong Foundation, Udom Emmanuel did not make any mistake when he publicly stated that his successor would be far better than him, as Pastor Umo Eno has so far demonstrated capacity, excellence and creativity towards delivery of services to the people. His approach has endeared even those outside the party to support his Arise Agenda vision.

Archibong, who attended the three day   dialogue, applauded the convergence of thoroughbred professionals and subject matter experts across political divides to x-ray the Arise Agenda blueprint of his administration and draw up implementation time line, stressing that the gathering was an important pivot towards the success of the administration.

His words: “Let me first thank God for impressing on Governor Udom Emmanuel the choice of Pastor Umo Eno as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. As we can see today, Governor Umo Eno has already exhibited extensive knowledge of what Akwa Ibomites need, he has showcased excellence and thoroughness in his determination to develop the State.”

Describing the Arise Agenda as a rallying point for all to contribute to the development of the State, he called on the citizens to support the delivering of the outcome of the dialogue.

“In Nigeria, we have always had conferences but not the kind of dialogue we’ve just had, where a State Governor will allow subject experts free hand to critique his policy statement, put every aspect of it to the test, dissect it, draw up a clear direction and time lines for implementation.”

 “This shows the seriousness and commitment of Pastor Umo Eno towards developing the State. I want to encourage all our citizens to eschew political differences and team up with the Governor in the development drive of the State.”

Prince Archibong, who is also one of the PDP stalwarts in Obot Akara, who had utilized his grassroots support base through his humanitarian services to rural communities, to mobilize for Pastor Umo Eno at the guber election, commended the Governor’s sincerity and openness towards accepting useful contributions from the public.

 “The Governor is open for contributions of ideas in his administration’s determination to deliver dividends of democracy to the people. We have not seen any Governor telling the subject matter experts that he does not possess all the ideas and the know-hows to do everything himself and that he needed the productive contributions of others.”

Describing the Governor as someone who does what he promises, noted that the Governor is working hard to implement the Arise Agenda, asserting that, “I can confidently say that Akwa Ibom will turn out to be the richest State in Nigeria in terms of infrastructural development, resources and human capital.”

Archibong, however, advised that the Governor should pay a special attention to industrialization for job creation, particularly in the rural areas. According to him, the rural areas habour hundreds of youths who could be absorbed if multinationals are encouraged to invest in the State.

“The top on the priority list of Pastor Umo Eno is agriculture, and this is extremely important in providing jobs for the youths. In agriculture is also industrialization, because to embark on commercial farming as the Governor intends to, we will need supportive industries to expand on the agricultural value chain. Therefore, we must also focus on industrialization.”

“The Umo Eno administration needs to create more facilities that will attract foreign direct investments into the State. We don’t have big industries in Akwa Ibom State which can absorb more youths in employment and job creation. If we can therefore encourage big time investors to establish their businesses, here it will boost the implementation of the Arise Agenda; it will boost our economy,” Archibong added.

Prince Mendy Archibong has been empowering SMEs with grants, supports for widows and scholarships to students. His foundation has provided potable water through borehole drilling to many communities in Akwa Ibom State.

Recently, the Prince Archibong Foundation doled out business grants of N50,000 each to widows and also scholarship awards to indigent students to mark the victory of Pastor Umo Eno at the guber election.

The grants were given during a victory thanksgiving service held in honour of the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, at Uyo.

Speaking at the service, Chairman, Prince Archibong Life Foundation, Prince Mendy Archibong, also a pastor at Abundance Palace Christian Centre, said the body is elated by the glorious victory of Pastor Umo Eno at the governorship polls, hence decided to come and thank God who granted Eno and the PDP victory in the elections despite all odds. Archibong said the Foundation decided to crown the thanksgiving with the empowerment of widows and students as a way to further demonstrate their support to the incoming administration of Pastor Eno, which he said will make Akwa Ibom people proud.

He stressed that the Foundation believes in the ARISE Agenda of Pastor Eno, most especially in its plans for rural development, entrepreneurship and human capital development, which he said are in sync with the mission of Prince Archibong Life Foundation. Archibong, who is an industrialist with investment interests in manufacturing, industrial chemicals, oil and gas, encouraged the congregation to give total support to Pastor Umo Eno.

“Our Governor, Pastor Umo Eno is a successful entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in starting, nurturing and growing business to success. I can assure us that he will deploy that experience to help Akwa Ibom people become big entrepreneurs too, thereby creating more jobs, and stimulating economic growth and wealth.”

The Foundation’s chairman expressed optimism that Pastor Eno will bring enduring happiness to people who have been despaired due to unemployment and poverty. “A lot of people misunderstood our Governor when he talked about Happy Hour. The concept of Happy Hour is not intended to create social vices or give free alcohol to people who are not working.

As an entrepreneur, I know that when people have jobs and they are paid salary, when business booms, people will naturally be happy and would celebrate such successes in their own way.

So what he meant was that there will be jobs, salaries will be paid, businesses will flourish. It will be a period of happiness for all.” As part of the events marking the thanksgiving, the foundation gives business grants and scholarship in celebration of Umo Eno’s election as Governor.   

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