The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, Uyo, has raised alarm over widespread heretical teachings in Akwa Ibom State, asserting that unless the Christendom rises full swing against the pervasiveness of wrong teachings and interpretation of the scriptures, the younger generation stands the risk of drifting away into apostasy.

Handing down this warning was the Chairman of PFN, Akwa Ibom State chapter, Bishop Emmanuel Etim at Uyo at the weekend.

Speaking to the Editor, Quest publications, Bishop Etim decried outright propagation of heresies and half-truths, which, according to him, has tendency of destroying the foundation of doctrines of the Bible taught and practised in both testaments of the scriptures. Primary amongst the heretical teachings which have begun to gain traction amongst young believers, he pointed out, were the observance of Holy Communion that Christ himself just before his crucifixion instituted as memorial of his redemptive work for believers. According to the PFN boss, it was sad that a crop of outspoken heretical teachers who leverage media opportunities to spread false teachings against the communion was endangering the future of the faith.

Besides, Bishop Etim, who was installed the PFN chair, Akwa Ibom State, two years ago, listed the teachings against payment of tithes and conduct of water baptism a a dangerous turn in the propagation of false doctrines. He lamented that the set of pastors who were propagating these strange teachings were the ones whose ministries benefited immensely from tithing, communion and water baptism and wondered why they derailed from the foundation of the truth they once upheld.

According to Bishop Etim, the foundations of many marriages of believers were deeply shaken, as the new wave heresy teachers shamefacedly have encouraged divorce, even amongst believers.

He called on church leaders to speak out against this trend, while cautioning perpetrators to desist from confusing young believers, as they risk judgment for their nefarious activities against the body of Christ. To stem the tide of heresy and defend the truth of the gospel, PFN in collaboration with some outstanding ministers, have taken turns on radio to counter attacks of the scriptures. He commended PFN pastors for complying with government instructions on safety during the COVID 19 pandemic and praised God for not allowing any pastor fall victim of the scourge.

Meanwhile, the newly elected national president of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Bishop Francis Wale Oke has warned the Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdul-Raman Abdulrasaq not to set the country on fire with the hijab crisis currently raging in the state. Besides, on account of degenerating security situation in the nation, the body also kicked against the tenure extension of the Inspector General of Police, Muhammed Adamu; instead, it demanded his immediate resignation as the police helmsman in the country

The PFN gave the warnings on Monday at Cornerstone City, Ibadan, through its President Bishop Francis Wale Oke while separately playing host to the Ekiti and Ondo Chapters of the Fellowship led by Bishop Clement Abifade and Bishop Joshua Kolawole Opayinka.

Wale Oke cautioned that unless the hijab issue was handled with care,it could spark major crisis in the country, lamenting that most of the nation’s travails, were self-inflicted.

He warned the Kwara State Governor to avoid playing religious and divisive politics, stressing”

I am appealing to Your Excellency, Mr Governor, to let the sleeping dog lie. Respect the tradition and feelings of others. Avoid divisive politics that can set this nation on fire.”

The renowned cleric asserted that no amount of intimidation could cow Christians, counseling, “Bring everybody together; don’t force hijab on our people, they won’t back down. Your Excellency, stoop to conquer; stoop for peace, stoop for harmony.”

In the same vein, the PFN President advised Christians in the state and across the federation, against taking laws into their hands; admonishing, ” Stop violence. Say no to violence. You have the right to protest but there should be no violence.” Bishop Oke who urged them to be full of prayers, advised that whenever they were called for dialogue, they must themselves available for attendance.

The cleric who is the presiding Bishop of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, is also the proprietor of the Precious Cornerstone University (PCU) Ibadan.

Quest News 24

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