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Prelate Prof. Isaiah Issong

He is one of Cambridge University’s most intelligent 500 people in the world, selected alongside former President of South Africa, Dr. Nelson Mandela, in  2010. An honourary Visiting Research Professor of Arts and Humanities with Cambridge. He received the call into ministry over 60 years ago, which forced him out of his banking career in 1980 for further studies United Kingdom and United States of America.

A former Nigerian soldier who participated in the liberation of Uyo from the stranglehold of Biafran soldiers during the civil war in 1967. Before joining the military, he had been a stenographer working in the former Eastern Region with the County Council at Enugu, Oron, Uyo, Ikot Ekpene County Councils respectively. The University of Cambridge has awarded him with the Medallion of Common Sense and Knowledge.

Prelate Prof. Isaiah Issong, 79, is today a leading indigenous and vibrant gospel minister in Akwa Ibom State with a strong prophetic unction. He’s Acting Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Spiritual Fathers of Faith Forum, President General, Fathers In Faith for Good Governance, Chairman, Akwa Ibom State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board, Prelate, Believers Assembly Nigeria (BAN) and President,  American Universities Graduates Association of Nigeria , Akwa Ibom chapter.

As someone who ventilated the aspirations of the Church for Good Governance and Sustenance of Peace in Akwa Ibom State, he offers in this interview with Ima Nkanta, some reasons Pastor Umo Eno’s administration will exceed expectations.

Before the March 18 election, you showed a lot of enthusiasm, especially with phrase, Come Monday May 29th, Pastor Umo Eno will be officially sworn in as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State; that happened yesterday. How do you feel now?

I’m feeling awesomely good about it; with all glory and dominion unto Him who is eternal Jehovah. The God of covenant has kept His covenant. It was on February 10, 2022 at the City of Hope, Believers Assembly Nigeria, Uyo, that over 10,000 senior gospel ministers converged to officially declare Pastor Umo Bassey Eno whom the governor of Akwa Ibom then handed over to the Church, as his preferred successor. We surrounded him and prayed for him. After the prayers, I blew the shofar and declared at that occasion that, “Come Monday May 29, 2023, Pastor Umo Eno will be officially sworn in as the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

And from that day, Akwa Ibom State Spiritual Fathers of Faith Forum and her foot soldiers known as the Fathers In Faith for Good Governance, began organizing, praying, mobilizing the Church for the victory of Pastor Umo Eno.

We went down to the hinterlands persuading voters not to waste their votes on any other candidate at the March 18 gubernatorial election but on Pastor Umo Eno who was revealed by God, preferred by Governor Udom Emmanuel and generally accepted candidate for the throne of Akwa Ibom State.

Even pastors in the Diaspora routed for the choice of Pastor Umo Eno. Pastors in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Cross River, Abia, Delta and other places where Akwa Ibomites have a significant population, like in United States and United Kingdom all embraced the candidacy of Pastor Umo Eno.

What are the expectations of the Church?

This is going to be a godly and goodly government. Why do I say so? The Bible says, “When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice.”

Firstly, Pastor Umo Eno is not just a pastor, he has been thoroughly groomed by the Apostolic Church where he received the call into pastoral ministry; the apostolic unction is on him, helping him to succeed in his private business life, ministry and family. As a successful entrepreneur, with a massive employment to people for 25 years now; the same unction that made him, instead of retrogressing one inch, is progressing by miles, will work wonders in his administration.

Secondly, his credibility, his competence and his years of experience in business, spanning banking, marketing, management, oil and gas, as well as human resources will ultimately play a great role in propelling him to excellence in his programmes for Akwa Ibom people. 

Thirdly, he’s copiously endowed with sound wisdom, gentleness and humility, and the God who resists the proud and gives more grace to the humble, will immensely help Pastor Umo Eno excel expectations in governance.

His predecessor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel had grace but Pastor Umo Eno is coming into governance with more grace. Udom Emmanuel had favour from God but Umo Eno will have more favours from God in his governance.

Amazingly, he has the backing of God to push the state higher; the unction on him, his competence and his administrative savvy, will lift the state to an enviable place in the history of governance in Akwa Ibom State.

With Umo Eno as a star governor, Akwa Ibom State will replicate a new Dubai in Africa. God’s hand is in this government to favour Pastor Umo Eno and the Arise Agenda blueprint of his administration.

His government received greater dimension of grace on Sunday 28th May, 2023, when Christendom all over the world was celebrating Pentecost Sunday, was the day Deacon Udom Emmanuel dedicated the International Christian Worship Centre.

We saw the grace which was released in abundance ahead of the inauguration the next day. That day,  Akwa Ibom State was propelled on the wings of heaven, while the eagles hover around us, indicating that; “the rejected is now the accepted, the condemned is now the commended and applauded.”

So, I encourage Akwa Ibomites to stay tight and cooperate with the Government of Pastor Umo Eno.

The real happy hour has come! What’s the happy hour? It’s that moment of joy, of peace – an enjoyable, comfortable peaceful moment in the land. Though cynics misinterpreted the Happy Hour, Akwa Ibom State is in the happiest moments, as the state is gradually become the hub of entrepreneurship. Our new dawn has come!

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