Federal House member representing Etinan Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke has washed off his hands over any form of involvement in spilling human blood for whatever reason. He made this declaration while featuring at Church youth leaders forum recently at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, as guest speaker.

This comes at a time when campaign against cultism and cult associated violence by Akwa Ibom Spiritual Fathers of Faith gains momentum and in sync with Governor Udom Emmanuel’s stance against cultism and cult related violence which has always resulted in mindless bloodletting of opposing cult groups and innocent individuals caught in the milieu. Mounting the dais, the quintessential federal lawmaker and former speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, took time to come clean off involvement any activities that lead to shedding of human blood.

After strongly condemning acts of violence for political gains, he denied ever consulting or visiting any herbalist for any assistance in his political journey, adding that God has always been his central focus in his political career over the years. His words:

“People say all manner of things about politicians but no one can say he has seen me with juju or going to consult with a juju man. I can boast that I have never in my life visited or consulted with juju man. Second thing you must know is that I don’t have human blood in my hands, I say it in the open, check and you will not find any human blood in my hands.” Going philosophical, the lawmaker noted that no matter what any man achieved, he will at last face judgment with his maker in the after life. This understandng, he observed, has been the bedrock of his life, as he was very conscious of what he does.

He urged the youth leaders to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve their dreams, adding: “I am telling you this to let you know that people can go into politics and have Christ as their foundation. I have never sat down where they agreed to go and destroy another and I will not. You can all become what you aspire to become but the greatest thing here is to have a better society and after that better society is eternity.”

Continuing, he said: “Life here on earth is short compared to life in eternity. So life here is preparation for eternity, and are you going to risk eternity by living your life the way you want in order to fulfill everything you wanted?”

Painting a picture of bliss in eternity, the lawmaker who could pass for a savvy pulpit but for his political standing in the country, said: “So, when you look at both life here on earth and in eternity, you will know that we are supposed to prepare ourselves here for life in eternity.”

Looking at political office as a vehicle to create a better society, he chided wellplaced individuals whom he said have millions but do not have eternity to reconsider their tracks, invest more in creating a better society where peace and security will be guaranteed, and not use their wealth to oppress the citizenry, emphasizing that “multimillionaire who have the money but don’t have eternity” should know that there is eternity after death.

He attributed the success of his political career to God, quoting Paul the apostle’s statement to the Corinthians, that “I am what I am by the grace of God,” urged the gathering to seek righteousness as a means to achieving God’s best for their lives. Challenging the youth to build the kind of future they desire, he counseled them to always dwell on noble and honest thoughts that will produce better future for them.

Meanwhile, there is a ground swell of support for his political ambition to contest gubernatorial seat in 2023. Sources say he has vowed to mobilize his base to succeed the Udom Emmanuel administration as the next governor of Akwa Ibom State, as the zoning arrangement the ruling party in the State favours his constituency.

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