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By Virtue Daso

A chat with CEO of Mie’s Couture, a low budget fit-all designer, Emem Victor, shows that young ladies can still look chic and trendy with low budget.

So, putting a lot of money and effort to look good is no longer a burden, especially for young singles who still want to keep pace with the time. Mie’s Couture has come up with new designs that are really trendy, or call them chic and sleeky, amidst current fashion beats of the world.

These cuts mostly tailored to reveal some parts of your endowment, making you look really eye-catching and sexy, if you describe it so. But the real essence is to give you a shape that’s natural and alluring.

Emem Victor who has been in the fashion industry for seven years has this to say about the vogue. “Every lady wants to feel young and sexy, including those that are not. Ladies do not only prefer wears that reveal their body, they go as far as purchasing fake shapes to fulfil that trend of being young and sexy.

Although the trend is to wear fitted or body revealing clothes, the trend also involves putting a lot of money and effort to preferred designs.”

Victor explained further that many ladies feel they are not rightly dressed if their clothes do worth a fortune. Others think that they are not attractive enough if what they put on do not show their curves. This is the result of exhibition of what looks real in the media, turning on the fashion button of young ladies who go crazy and do the weirdest things to compete with the trend or beat what they see in the media, particularly those designs worn by their so called movie, fashion or music idols. Favorite artistes and entertainers have also influenced much of trendy appetite among their fans.

Ladies who compete with the trend spend a large amount of money on clothes, just to please themselves and feel current and cute.

The question now is with all these competition in existence, where does the middle class fit in? Does this mean the middle class or below the bar has no hope of looking chic or sleek in the fashion world since money defines fashion?

“Absolutely not,” Emem Victor intoned. “She said that having a good fashion designer who can help you put your dream cuts together at your budget matters a lot. You don’t have to empty your bank account to catch up with the trend, but you can redefine the trend your own way and  it doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be what suits your body perfectly to give you your desired look; and you do not need a box of gold to give you that look.

She further stated that, most of what we see in the media is not as it glitters – some of the extravagant clothes worn by our idols and their accessories are hired to take pictures and shoot videos for few hours, just to make them appear classy and trendy.

It is necessary to be current and trendy but not reasonable to go out of one’s way to fit into any trend and burn your earnings.

However, one can still have that sense of style and class with whatever low budget or little income at her disposal. What matters is picking the right style or design and have it made at your own budget.

Most styles as we see on the media are sewn for a particular body build, wearing the same clothes with a different body build can wreck the beauty of the cloth. Knowing the style that suits your body stature is the most important thing when thinking of looking classy.

Mie’s Couture CEO also says, “Picking the right material to suit your style matters too and this also has nothing to do with a high budget. “

Her advice is that, “Having an expert doesn’t cost much. Pick styles that suit you from a boutique or a fashion collection. If you’re having trouble picking the right material, let your fashion designer do the job and you will get your classy look without having to rob a bank or breaking your savings box.”

According to her, you do not have to follow trends all the time, you choose what fits you and have your designer make it for you at your budget.

So, if you are really fashion craze, Mie’s couture is the place to visit.

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