Implementation Of Ibom Dialogue’s Reports Has Already Commenced

Implementation Of Ibom Dialogue’s Reports Has Already Commenced

Reflecting on the Ibom Dialogue, the Provost of College of Education, Afaha Nsit, who was also a resource person in the Education Subcommittee of the gathering, told QuestNews24 that Akwa Ibomites, would soon reap the benefits of the three days dialogue, as Governor Umo Eno has already commenced the actual implementation of the outcome of the discourse.

The provost who described the dialogue as fantastic and first of its kind in our collective quest for transformational development of our dear State, noted that the State Governor started implementing the provisions of the dialogue even before the occasion ended.

His words: “The Ibom Dialogue is fantastic; first of its kind and one that has never been and we hope it would be again. Pastor Umo Eno brought in real engagement of stakeholders, experts who did not only say what should be done but how and when it should be done, which is the most important thing.”

He commended the Governor for giving critical stakeholders of the State, needed opportunity to participate in proffering solutions to our development quest.

“There is no stakeholder in this state that would say he has not been given opportunity to participate in governance. I see Pastor Umo Eno as someone that is resolute, honest and committed to the full implementation of Ibom Dialogue outcomes.” 

Implementing the outcomes of conferences have been the bane of development in Nigeria, but Prof Udoh averred that given the freehand the Governor gave discussants and his inputs during the breakout sessions, the Governor will go full swing to actualizing the goals of the dialogue.

According to him, the preparedness of the Governor to actualize the Arise Agenda is anchored on his determination to change the old narrative of failure to work the talk. 

For instance, the Education Committee wanted a short term implementation timeline to span from zero to two years, but the Governor wants the short term to be six months.

Said the Prof: “Can you imagine that? It shows absolute commitment, readiness and preparedness to ensure that these things are done.” Continuing, Professor Dan said: “I have never seen this magnitude of clarity, of commitment, of sincerity of purpose in governance.”

Citing an example of the Governor’s pledge on July 14, 2023, to remodel Christ the King Primary School, Wellington Bassey Way, Uyo, before the next school season in September this year, Prof.  Udoh noted that any leader who gives himself such a short delivery timeline, is someone who has vowed to deliver on his promises, despite odds. Already, the remodelling work of the school has commenced.

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