Group warns Christians not to keep quiet against activities of fake preachers

Group warns Christians not to keep quiet against activities of fake preachers
Akaiso Akaiso, Uyo

The third annual conference of the Christian Elders and Fathers Forum of Nigeria has ended with a warning to Christians not to fail to point out the destructive role played by pseudo or fake preachers against the body of Christ. The warning contained in the keynote address delivered by the chairman of the forum, Rev. Dr. Effiong Isangedighi, was among the seven reasons the conference was held.

“The believing church and glossolalia believers should cease from being passive to sound warning like Jude did, in the way of teaching adherents to escape the devastating activities of the false preachers in the society, for there is an axiom that says: “a closed mouth tantamounts to a closed destiny,” Isangedighi said.

Also, the conference was mounted to draw the attention of the contemporary church to the need to implement the great commission as recorded in the book of Matthew 28: 19-20. For Christians to fight against misrepresentation of Ecclciastical ordinance such as water baptism authenticated and practiced by Jesus and to charge them to desist from inability to fight against misrepresentation of the Lord’s supper embraced by Paul Apostle.

Other reasons included to wake contemporary church from slumber to fight against the misrepresentation of the grace of God blown out of proportion by unbelieving believers and to halt the stealing habits among the pseudo preachers, saying “Let him that stole steal no more.”The conference which was sparsely attended, afforded an opportunity for the former national treasurer of Assemblies of God, Rev. Dr. Isangedighi to pay glowing tribute to his predecessor, Late Apostle Patrick Jerome, noting that it was the first conference to be conducted after his demise.

Also, he used the opportunity to clear the air that Christian Elders and Fathers Forum has nothing to do with the controversial Spiritual Fathers of Faith.  Asked what they are doing to bring to book the pseudo preachers who have milked the contemporary church dry through fake prophecies and other dubious acts, his answer was in the negative.According to him, there is no enabling law in the country that empowers them to prosecute those he called anti Christ whose activities have debased the foundation of Christianity.

Also speaking, the secretary of the group and founder of Worldwide Mission, off Idoro road, Uyo, Apostle Dr. Imeh Uyire called on president Muhammadu Buhari to halt pogrom of Christians across the country for  no just cause and remember that he is the father of all.

The event featured paper presentations by presenters including Bishop Asukwo Antai, Rev. Joseph Eton and Rev. Joshua who was the only presenter who presented on both days of the conference.

High point of the event was offering of prayers for the government and people of Akwa Ibom state and federal government of Nigeria.

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