On the last day of the Verdict convocation, several dignitaries graced the occasion. Among them was the governor of Akwa Ibom State, a long-time friend of Apostle Achudume. Thrilled by what he saw, testimonies of miracles, the performance of the choir and the inspired message, the Governor, unwittingly, began to deliver a message on miracles, declaring: “By the next year, this congregation will be three times this size. More miracles shall happen, more blessings shall go forth.”

He acknowledged God for making his Ibom Air dream come to pass, something he described as 100 percent miracle. Looking completely overwhelmed by the successes the airline has achieved so far, especially with global recognition and recent award of excellence it received, the Governor could not hold back gratitude to God for making his vision of the airline a success. According to him, the state had no money to singlehandedly fund the project due to dwindled allocation at the time the airline came on board but God performed a miracle.

“If you take time and look at my allocation, you will know that there would have been no way we could have paid salaries and still come out with the airline you are seeing there,” he said, stressing that it was a complete miracle.
Utilizing the moment to stimulate the audience on the imperative of having a vision and working hard towards its actualization, he said: “Ibom Air is 100 percent a miracle. What I want to say here is this, once you have a vision and you keep working on it, one day it will come to pass.” He urged believers not to relent in pursuing their dream, explained that he caught a vision of a state owned airline, prayed about it and worked hard towards its manifestation and today, he said: “Ibom airline is a great testimony, 100 percent of what you’re seeing there is a miracle.” He assured that by the time his administration marks two years in the second term in office in May this year, two brand new airbuses will have been added to the fleet to make it six. He further encouraged believers to think more creatively, work hard and pray, as all things were possible with God.

He, however, stated that while many Christians don’t succeed in life was that they only pray without complementing prayers and prophecies with hard work.

His words: “For the fact that they have declared a prophecy over your head does not mean that it is all done. No, you still have a role to play to bring it to come to pass. I think that’s why Christians, we are not taking the place we are supposed to take and I pray that as God; should lay on your heart what has been taught, so that it comes to fulfilment in Jesus name. “What I’m saying to you is that I had a vision and had no money, when you have a creative thinking and have God, all other things are possible,” he submitted.

He commended Apostle Achudume for taking time to teach the audience on need for hard work and diligence in pursuit of their God-given mandate. According to him, why believers were not taking their place in life was because many congregations do not devote time to teaching and that other religions have become more aggressive because their leaders take time to indoctrinate them.

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