Former AKADEP Boss Advocates For Agrarian Revolution In A’Ibom

Former AKADEP Boss Advocates For Agrarian Revolution In A’Ibom

A retired director of Agriculture in Akwa Ibom Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and former general manager of AKADEP, Elder Idem Udo Idung has commended the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Pastor Umo Bassey Eno for starting his reins of governance well with the launch of ARISE agenda blueprint, beginning with Agricultural revolution in Akwa Ibom State.

Elder Idung made the commendation in an exclusive chat with our correspondent at his country home shortly after committing the remains of his Mother, Late Deaconess Arit Udo Idung to the hot bowl of mother earth in great beyond.

As a man who had spent most of his working years in the field as a practical agriculturist, he used the medium to proffer solutions on what the government and people of the only state name after God in the country Nigeria (just like Israel), should do to produce enough food to feed its teeming over 7m citizens population, and still have enough left over store as a reserve and even to export to outside the country.

Don’t forget it was in this state that Malaysia came to pick some oil palm seedlings for cultivation and today that country is a leader in oil palm production in the world and we can not produce enough for our local consumption.

“I like the way the Governor has started his administration with a revolution in agriculture. I heard he has revamped the Eastern Nigeria oil palm plantation in Esit Eket.

If you don’t produce enough to feed yourself and cater for the people of the state you can’t have a happy people, as they say, a hungry man is an angry man.”

“But he should be sincere with ARISE Agenda, especially in the Agricultural sector. He should take advice from people who know what to do to produce enough food to at least feed.

Successive administrations had relegated agriculture to nadir, abandoning ADP, AKADEP, Seeds Multiplication Centers and severed Link with IITA, Ibadan in Oyo state and this is why we are hit by food shortage in the state.

“We once had extension offices in our local government areas with extension officers trained the rural farmers on modern farming. Farming is not done in township settlements but in local areas. Umo Eno should reestablish this link.”

“He should encourage local farmers to produce more food by providing the latest farming inputs to enhance new and modern technology in farming which will increase yields of farm produce. By going back to the basics, farming will be made pleasurable and attractive to our graduates and other youth.”

The Idungs whose house became a Mecca of some sort, providing enough food on a daily basis to the teeming sympathizers who thronged their residence daily since the mourning house became open had enough to gorge. And this food for thought pieces of advice if imbibed by the government entire state could replicate the Idungs, not only during burials but off burials and events.

On his late mother’s attributes of hard work, honesty, sincerity and other likes, the retired farmer promised to live with them even to his last breath. Madam Arit died at the ripe age of 80.

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