Unless the Akwa Ibom State Ministry of Environment quickly intervene, the residents of Atan Offot, just opposite the Mechanic village, Abak Road, Uyo might be rendered homeless, as currently a prominent church I’m the area, Arise Fellowship International Churches, pastored by Bishop Nick Iheanacho is seriously threatened by the rampaging flood that cuts of life around the place whenever it rains.

For the church, a private school and residences within the affected communities, anytime it rains all are on a lockdown because of the sea swirling over the areas. This reporter was caught in the incident the day he paid a visit to Bishop Iheanacho to felicitate him on the success of the marriage ceremony of his son, Pastor Kenneth Iheanacho penultimate week. As I drove into the church premises and parked adjacent to the church main bowl, one of the pastors said, ” I hope you parked where you can reach the car,” I answered in the affirmative, complete oblivious of the impeding surge of flood. He had observed the weather and by his experience he knew once it started raining the whole area will be flooded, making any move impossible. It only dawned on me his warning after I ended my fifteen minutes visit, coming down to see a shocking sea of flood, nearly covering the car. I was arrested by the flood and nearly an hour after the rain stopped the surge did not abate.

Confused, I had to pull my shoes and swept through the water to where I parked the car, likewise other visitors, particularly parents who came to fetch their children and wards from the school, while others stood by Abak Road till the flood eased out, and by then, a day’s work hour was gone.

Residents who looked completely helpless, appealed passionately to the Commissioner for Environment, Sir Charles Udoh to help them end the disaster. This reporter was told that the Ministry was contacted to help fixed the blocked underground water channel, a major cause of the over flooding, but as at the time of filing this report, nothing was done. Hope the Ministry respond urgently to the cry of the residents of the affected areas.

Already, the church, we were told, has invested much resources in sand-filling the washed-off premises but since the channel is an underground one, only the Ministry of Environment could help stop the menace at this point, to save the church building and nearby houses and businesses, so life could return to normal whenever it rains.

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