Don’t Succumb To Pressure From Political Job Seekers

Don’t Succumb To Pressure From Political Job Seekers

John Okoriko tells Pastor Umo Eno; blames demons for high rate of crimes

The founder of Solid Rock Kingdom Church Apostle. Dr John Okoriko has appealed to Akwa Ibom state governor, Pastor Umo Eno not to succumb to pressure from politicians seeking appointment to avoid distraction.

Last week, Governor Umo Eno while addressing the congregation of All Nations Church in Eket said that politicians have bombarded his phone lines with calls seeking different appointments.

He advised them to buy into the business school to be inaugurated soon in the state to engage in business opportunities and make profits instead of waiting for appointments that may not go round. 

While speaking to journalists in Uyo on Sunday, Apostle Okoriko said politicians are capable of using their antics to distract Governor Umo Eno’s attention by mounting pressures for various appointments.

“The pressure comes due to their investment but the governor who has the mandate of the people has the right to concentrate and make decisions.

“People are putting pressure so that Governor Umo Eno will run the government according to their own detection and not what God has put in his mind for the people.

“The system demands that you have people to advise you and many people who would advise you will not be positive in line with God-given agenda.

“So the prayer we pray here is that God should give Governor Umo Eno a certain proportion of his spirit to silence the distraction on his way to deliver good governance to the people.

Okoriko said that God has given his servant pastor Umo Eno favour to lead the people adding that he is waiting for God to give direction on how best to form his cabinet.

“As a pastor God has favoured him and he is waiting for the Lord to direct him not to be carried away by pressure of political job seekers ” he said.

In a related event, Apostle John Okoriko told his audience during interactive session that the high crime rate in the world today is caused by demons.

Speaking in Uyo , Akwa Ibom State capital on Sunday during the monthly Interactive Service with  the theme” How Unclean Spirits Were Invented”, Okoriko observed that various violent crimes in the world today is caused through invention of negative thoughts in the mind of men . 

Okoriko who does not believe in the existence of satan insisted that God never created any unclean spirit but man in his evil imagination produce evil plans and ideas that in turn devastated the world manifesting in different crimes.

He listed such crimes to include murder, robbery, cultism, kidnapping, banditry, terrorism and other forms of corruption as well as immoralities prevalent in our society.

Okoriko who was fielding questions from online callers disclosed that spirit lives in man and it manufactures the same depending on the contents of his mind.

The man of God who also believes that there is only one spirit of God said the world is heading to total devastation because man has invented so many spirits making the world to be dangerous in security and moral decadence.

“Demons and evils are the creation of men. Even idols are created by man. No idol creates itself.

“The world is heading to devastation because we are inventing so many evils and unclean spirits. It is not from God, satan or Angels. It comes from man. If you have money today, it is not the spirit that will harass you through robbery. It is human beings.

“If I have the intention to kill with juju, I will align with juju man to help me execute my plans. Every human being invent unclean thoughts which can be matched with actions anytime”.

Okoriko, therefore, warned leaders to eschew evil thoughts and sanitize their minds to keep evil at bay and purge the society of wickedness.

“If a leader has evil thoughts, it would transfer to followers and it would affect his official responsibilities which will in turn affect the people” he said.

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