Delilah, Gideon Bakare and the Church

Delilah, Gideon Bakare and the Church

Ima Nkanta

The sordid news of the now excommunicated Pastor Gideon Bakare’s fall from grace to grass is one lesson too many for all of us leaders of people, particularly our fellow pastors.

It is a bad stench added to the about-to-be-healed wound and outbursts that accompanied the rape and brutal murder of Uwa, a 22-year-old undergrad of the University of Benin, while the innocent girl was studying in one of the RCCG parishes in Benin.

Uwa’s death puzzle is yet to be resolved as the prime suspect and other accomplices are yet to be made to face the wrath of the law for their heinous crime against the poor innocent, thriving girl.

While we were praying that the dust over these ills be settled so that the church can enjoy some measure of rest and regain more confidence in the world she’s here to heal and save, the Gideon Bakare saga is a serious setback. He was featured naked and on his knees, begging his captors not to expose him over his attempt to sleep with the wife of his member.

This despicable act has painted a pale picture of a denomination that strives for holiness, faith and power in Christ Jesus. I am very proud to have passed through the rudiments of Christian ministry in RCCG.

As a one-time parish pastor in RCCG, adultery or immorality of any colouration is unacceptable and not tolerated. As a matter of fact, a pastor is trained to maintain high discipline towards the female members and show great discipline and resistance against such temptations.

On why Bakare fell into this trap is unclear and I can only pray God to have mercy upon us.

Gideon Bakare has already been excommunicated and has become a pariah and an Iscariot of our time. I feel for his wife and children. I feel for those precious souls that he mentored while he held sway as the pastor.

Sadness and shame could drive their faith and fire cold due to this sin that has cast odium on them and the church.

But I am worried about the motive of the woman and her husband who set up this drama. I mean a set up because there were other reporting channels they could have used in exposing the adulterous man and getting him sanctioned instead of the social media.

This is why I suspect a setup. Meanwhile, the profile of the woman who seduced him or he that he attempted to seduce, is not known, only her voice was heard in the video while insisting the Bakare’s wife should know what the husband wanted to do.

As someone who has the fear of God, after taking the picture of the man as evidence, she should have reported it to the headquarters for appropriate action, then embarrass the church she is also serving under the way she did.

It looks like a Delilah type of play here is what has eventually played itself out. All the same, it should serve as a deterrent to many who still play into the trap of the devil.

Delilah was that woman induced by the enemies of Sampson to seduce him for a kill. Delilah played along, just as this woman played along with Gideon Bakare, till he was caught and disgraced.

I am very sure the woman in question may not really have understood the implications of her actions. Perhaps others encouraged her to play along for some advantage. Whatever motivated them to make a public show of this sort, will jolt their conscience tomorrow.

I’m very sure that if they really are believers, they will some day regret their approach because they didn’t only destroy Gideon Bakare but the integrity of the church.

I sympathize with the church at this trying time and pray this bad spectacle not to happen anymore.

Notwithstanding, the fallen Bakare should repent and approach his life with Christian discipline and virtues of self-denial, purity and steadfast love for God.

The woman behind the scene should equally seek mercy and compassion, not rejoicing for her indiscretion in the whole episode.

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