Ima Nkanta

The rampaging corona virus has caused so much pain to humanity. Much more painful to me and maybe some other adherents of our great Christian faith is that two very important events in the Christendom could not be marked with the usual colourful and exciting atmosphere they so deserve. These events are Easter in April and the Pentecost Sunday, May 31, 2020. The later commemorates the descent of the promised Holy Spirit and the subsequent outpouring of His presence and power on the church, as stated in Acts 2.

I started feeling the pains of the Covid19 when the week long celebration of the holy week, beginning from Palm Sunday to Easter was forced to be low key because of restrictions on movement and gathering of people. But thank God for a little window of grace some places had when concerned authorities permitted limited numbers of persons to gather to mark the Easter Sunday of the resurrection. I don’t anticipate such  a window during the Pentecost Sunday this May ending because the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, hasn’t come up with any assurances that authorities expected over  compliance with the guidelines on Covid19 for churches to open.

For how long we will continue to close church doors, no one knows. While, I am not advocating opening of churches against expert advice, it will suffice to note that we as Christians are not in any way gaining but losing if Covid19 is not stopped. The Pentecost Sunday is very significant because this is when most congregants get to hear or be reminded of the most treasured person of the Trinity – the Holy Spirit – His purpose and work in the church and in the entire world. The Pentecost Sunday will, nonetheless, be commemorated but several people will miss it. The Covid19 is an attack on our faith.

Someone might naively argue that marking these landmark events is not important as they as symbolic. But without keeping tap with historical events such as Easter and Pentecost Sunday, the generation coming might altogether forget them and lose their values.

 If we cherish significant events in our lives and families like marriages and birthdays, we should feel concern that this pandemic has disrupted the commemoration of these historical events of biblical significance. Let’s rise against this pandemic and pronounce an end to it.

Without this evil Covid19, PFN and other blocs of CAN, would have held crowd-pulling Holy Ghost revival programmes all over the communities. Our prayers in our enclosures during this year’s Pentecost Sunday should be directed at pulling down the strongholds of this pandemic, so our churches can enjoy peace and stability once again.

May the Holy Spirit help us to always know that He’s the very essence and sustainer of our faith. Without Him, we can do nothing, overcome nothing, achieve nothing and hope for nothing. Happy Pentecost Sunday!

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