By Ima Nkanta

Ever since the race for the Hiltop mansion got heated up a year ago, the noise by a tiny minority – the naysayers – has been strident, coarse and cacophonous.

The dull courtrooms have been extremely busy and the media space inundated minute by minute by the naysayers’ media urchins paid to spew up half-truths and malicious fabrications to spear the reputation of Governor Udom Emmanuel. All this is because a pastor is involved.

“How could he bring a pastor as his successor?” They queried.

If Governor Udom Emmanuel, a man who means well for the good of Akwa Ibom State, had supported a cultist, there wouldn’t have been much noise, although fear of returning to the days of bloodbath, brute violence and kidnapping; a chain crime synonymous to cultists, would be palpable.

Because the Governor preferred a pastor – Pastor Umo Eno – an “Israelite in whom is no guile,” a dissenting tiny minority who wanted to return Akwa Ibom to another Sodom, have stoked needless noise.

Why are they afraid of a pastor?

Because he will not cooperate with those who shed innocent blood, he will not steal public funds, he will guard against darkness and its deeds. He will govern the state with the consciousness of giving account, not only to the electorates but to God almighty who chose him.

Because a pastor is involved, the people who love darkness have risen up with noise all around to discourage the hearts of people.

But Akwa Ibomites are wiser. Majority of citizens have embraced peace and rejected cultism and violence.

Majority have embraced wealth creation and rejected hand-outs by greedy politicians craving for cheap popularity.

Pastor Umo Eno is not a politician but an entrepreneur whom God has chosen to shepherd the flock in Akwa Ibom State as the Governor 2023. As a pastor whose main job is to nourish the flock – the congregation under him as the shepherd – he will nourish the flock of Akwa Ibom State as the Shepherd Governor – with the compassion of a shepherd.

His impending victory at the March 11, 2023 governorship poll has given the people of darkness sleepless nights. They have run out of ideas on how to halt him, so their only consolation is to make more noise to distract supporters of peace and good governance.

Peace loving people must not be awed by noise, because the defeated always are noisemakers.

Jeremiah 46:17 says: “They did cry there, Pharaoh king of Egypt is but a noise; he hath passed the time appointed.”

They know that the majority of electorates are on the side of Pastor Umo Eno, the authentic PDP guber candidate, that’s why they have resorted to various unimaginable litigations, all in attempts to stop God’s servant from picking the victory belt on March 11.

They can never stop whom God has chosen, blessed and lifted as the governor of Akwa Ibom State Monday 29th May, 2023.

Sadly few ill-informed Christians have joined the noisemakers against one of their own.

But there’s nothing to worry about that because they’re helping to fulfill scriptures.

Christ came specifically for the Jews but the same betrayed him and supported the Roman soldiers to crucify him on the Cross.

Ignorantly, they were fulfilling scriptures.

If Pastor Umo Eno doesn’t have opposition right within the Christianfold, his impending victory will not be so sweet.

The beauty of these virulent attacks, accusations, betrayals, backstabbing and name-calling, primarily illustrates the truth that Pastor Umo Eno’s victory is of the LORD.

Furthermore, the noise, the traps, the betrayals engineered to discourage the electorates, are fuels for more resoluteness, focus and greater energy by those whom God has brought together to support Pastor Umo Eno.

The uproar we hear today is simply because a pastor is involved. As members of the body of Christ led by pastors, we must cooperate with Pastor Umo Eno.

He means well for the church and the downtrodden citizens of the State.

Let’s not be carried away by the noise from the opposing camps.

Stand with the light and let it shine against darkness in the State.

Support and vote Pastor Umo Eno March 11, 2023.


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