Backlash! The forces that gather against his second term reelection

Backlash! The forces that gather against his second term reelection

For whatever reasons some political gladiators and pedestrians seem to be advancing against the second term reelection ambition of the Executive Chairman of Nsit Ubium local government area, Hon. Udemeabasi Sylvanus Bassey.

He looks unperturbed, as he’s assiduously working his way back into the office as his first term screeches to a halt. But, except through the finger of the supernatural, the dice seems not to be in his favour.

Last week at a happenstance that drew the presence of some political feather-weights who themselves claimed to be the ground warriors in the political turf of Nsit Ubium local government area, you could feel the spleen spilling out of their angst like a volcano against any consideration of the second term reelection of Udemeabasi Sylvanus Bassey.

Their vocal disapproval made passers-by wonder how on earth he has offended them and what goals on earth could fuel such determination to stop the chairman’s effort for second term.

He was alleged to have deliberately widened the gap between him and those who supported his election. How fast can he repair the bridge and ride on to his reelection for second term?

Money, goodwill and politics go side by side in Nigeria. For those seeking election or reelection, money is their albatross.

But whether Udemeabasi Sylvanus Bassey will be able to weather through this delicate terrain to clinch back his seat is yet unclear. For now, his fate is in the hands of destiny as there’s a noticeable thaw in his support base. But the odds are really up against him.

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