Welcome to August 2020! The August of the August visitation is here again. Praise God! The eighth month of the year is no joke to me because it tells me ‘Christmas is just at the corner.’ The alarm it tinkles roues me to the feet as if I’m awaiting a big visitor any time in the remaining parts of the year. And why not, that childish expectations of colourful Christmas becomes obvious!

But as we’re just limping out of the lockdown, there are minimal expectations. Salaries are cut, and in some cases are not there at all. Government agencies are enmeshed in corruption upon corruption with no good news coming from the economic circles. Landlords have become tyrants. They don’t want to understand why tenants who have not been paid should fail to meet their rent obligations.

Prices of goods and commodities have continually skyrocketed. What we were told in April during the first lockdown was that the soared prices would drop as soon as borders were opened. But we have since learned otherwise. The Nigerian case has no control; whatever shock sends prices up, those prices will remain up forever.

There’s real hardship in the land. Government’s attempt to send palliatives is a mere exercise in futility as the middlemen don’t let the intention of government go down to the people. Schools have been under lock for five months now, with no hope of things getting better for the normal school run.

The situation gets murkier by the day, frittering away hopes.
In the midst of all these, how do we fulfil our expectations for 2020?
There’s a ray of hope on the horizon.

August comes with greater energy, strength and opportunity to reverse the loss of the last seven months. I have blessed assurances that your sun shall rise again. Your toils will soon be turned to coils of testimony. In Acts 9:33-34, there was a man bedridden for eight good years due to ailments that got stuck there. Peter passing by said to him, ‘Aeneas, Jesus Christ makes you whole, rise up and take away your bed.’ And just by the word, faith was raised and strength came into him to receive the healing.

August comes with sunshine as summer beckons. Don’t shirk away from your confidence in accomplishing your dreams this year. Rise again on the wings of hope – Jesus Christ makes you whole – in your business, your marriage, your family; there’s good news coming your way.

You don’t need any strategy than the person of Jesus. His name drove out demons that emptied Aeneas’ ability to make progress in life. By this same name, JESUS, emptiers of your potential are hereby stopped. I command the flood of affliction, failure and poverty to dry up. I declare this August, your month of Divine Accomplishments. It’s the season you will count successes and celebrate God’s awesomeness in your life.

Welcome to August of the rising sun!

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