Even after leaving office as Works Commissioner, Akparawa Ephraim Inyangeyen has continued to receive awards for his performance while serving as Commissioner. This time, it came from Tourism Impressions, a media outfit in Uyo. Presenting the award, Mr. Utin alongside Ubong Ekpe praised the Chief of Staff to Governor for his forthrightness and courage in opening road networks across the State. The duo praised the former his outstanding performance, noting that his determination to build quality road network was a booster to tourism in Akwa Ibom state.

The duo also poured encomiums on the State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel for his visionary leadership, particularly for the development of aviation industry which is a major springboard to tourism development. They added that Akwa Ibom State has become a tourist’s haven of choice, with the quality of aircrafts that Ibom Air parades.

In his response, Akparawa Inyangeyen thanked the team for their efforts to market Akwa Ibom as a tourism friendly state, adding: “Thank you for the recognition, at the end of it all what is important is that anytime you’re given a responsibility if you failed to deliver you have yourself to blame. Governor Udom Emmanuel in 2016 found me worthy and gave me that responsibility and I owe it a responsibility to my God and the Akwa Ibom people that I did the very best that I did and I have no regrets. And so when after I have left office and people come to recognize you for what you have done, it gladdens my heart and for this reason I will be encouraged that wherever I find myself I should be able to make my best contribution because people are watching.”

Ubong Ekpe also presented a catalogue magazine to commemorate the award events, the magazine captures the tourism projects of Akwa Ibom State. Ubong Ekpe observed that people no longer seeing pictures of Buckingham palace but Akwa Ibom State and people are buying the pictures and hanging them in the offices and homes.

“I once told the governor at a private visit that what you’re doing in Akwa Ibom State, people are not seeing it now in few years to come people will come to appreciate what you did to Akwa Ibom State. The seed is already here, you can come into Uyo in 45 minutes, no stress of travelling anymore and this government has made that to happen. Ibom Air no more having fleet of five airbuses but seven, if the lockdown abroad had let I the two more airbuses that we have purchased. These are brand new airbuses and if I just two years an airline, not just any other aircraft but the newest airbuses in the world, never used. So, this governor has made it possible for this to happen and in the next two years, God will grace him to tidy up and whoever must come cannot fail Akwa Ibom citizens.”

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