Aity’s Timely Prophecy

Aity’s Timely Prophecy

Pastor Aity Denis Inyang is one creative genius that has clothed many hearts with warmth and won many souls to Christ with her songs. This is exactly what her current work is doing.

At a time when millions of people hung up on their vestiges of hopelessness as the Covid19 wave reared its ugly head, Aity got up to the studio to battle global fear and helplessness by prophetically retelling the story of conquest and defense we already have received through Jesus. What a timely prophecy her latest work, Victory In Your Name is to the hurting world.

While we were wondering how the pandemic was going to wane and wear out, she was in there in the spirit, speaking healing to the world. And truly her prophecy has come through. There signs of good news of victory over the pandemic: businesses are reopening in many cities and life is gradually returning to normal, with churches, especially in Pastor Aity’s Akwa Ibom State, holding services and joining voices with Aity to proclaim, VICTORY IN YOUR NAME!

This song is so different from many others the Aity’s stable. It’s a quality outing in voicing and rhythmic expressions. What a hope it will brighten in anyone going through a disturbing moment. The night I listened to the audio, it threw me into a deep restful sleep, as my spirit connected with the inspired lines. Wow! Hear her,

“God is our refuge and strength
Our fortress of hope
A very present help in trouble
Peace in the storm
Victory in your name
Victory in your name
I will not fear
Cos you are here
O Lord my life is in you
Ako asong enang abed Edem o
( It is the fence that is strong and solid that a cow can lean on )
Di oh ( Come to our rescue )
Agbani lagbatan( The only God that saves completely)
Itiat nsinsi bere nno o ( Rock of Ages cleft for me)
Agu n’echemba one
( You are the lion that is in charge of the jungle)
In You we overcome
Come and make a way
Only You can save
In You we put our trust
God of peace
God of wonders
God of peace
God of wonders
Always making a way
Always making a way
Peace in the storm.”

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